Benefits of Membership

In addition to the various training opportunities and membership identification items, each member receives access to IAATI’s worldwide membership database, where he (or she) will be able to obtain information and assistance on virtually any auto theft related problem. In addition each member receives our quarterly news magazine, the APB, which contains updates on vehicle theft issues, current court decisions pertaining to auto theft and upcoming training information. 

Annual Membership Fees

North American Chapters: $US 55.00 New Membership, Renewals for 1 Year ($50.00) 2 Year ($95.00) 3 Year ($135.00).  

Membership dues for IAATI Branches are set by the individual branches due to regional monetary restrictions.

To apply for new membership or renewal of an existing membership, please select your local branch or chapter from the drop down list  in the header of the website, and then go to their specific membership page.

Types of Membership 

Membership in IAATI is open to members of law enforcement, insurance, corporate-level automotive security, and specialized investigative units that have an interest in combating auto theft. There are two types of membership - Active and Affiliate. The qualifications are listed below.

Active Membership

  • Any representative of any duly authorized law enforcement agency, employed full time with peace officers powers; administrators and agents employed full time in a governmental motor vehicle registration function or a governmental vehicle regulatory function; administrators and special agents of the National Automobile Theft Bureau or the Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau of Canada National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), the Oficina Coordinadora de Riegos Asegurados (OCRA), or a similar structured organization subsidized by the insurance industry or established under a government instrument or industry association with the focus on motor vehicle related crimes and other international insurance similar funded organizations which are designated as “not for profit”; employees and representatives from any Attorney General’s office and/or Justice Department who are or have been engaged with a focus on motor vehicle related crimes; or any person honorably retired from one of the foregoing agencies, provided that such person possesses the other qualifications for membership and is not less than eighteen years of age.
  • Membership shall be granted at the discretion of the Executive Board. Applications of persons denied membership shall be returned to the person applying with a letter of explanation. 

Affiliate Membership

  • Any representative of any company, organization, business or philanthropic endeavor known or believed to be beneficial to the best interests and objectives of the Association, and who contributes an annual sum of not less that of an Active membership fee, and is not less that eighteen years of age is eligible for membership an Affiliate member. Membership shall be granted at the discretion of the Executive Board. Affiliate members shall have the privileges of an Active Member, and can hold the office of President or Vice President as long as the below parameters are met:
  • The Affiliate member must be a current Director or Associate Director and have been active in the Association for 5 years. Active is described as attending conferences, participating in board meetings, chairing committees and showing value to the association. 2. There can only be one Affiliate member in the chairs (4th Vice President, 3rd Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, and President) at a time. The Affiliate member must either be an outgoing President or the immediate Past President before the nominating committee will consider another Affiliate member as 4th Vice President.

Membership Map

The following interactive map displays the location of IAATI members around the world (as of 21st October 2021).

Create your own visited countries map or check out the JavaScript Charts.