NC LoJack Award

This award is to honor law enforcement officers whose efforts, in conjunction with the use of the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Network, made the most significant impact on the recovery(s) of stolen vehicle(s).

This award can be presented to an individual, unit, or department.

The recipient(s) of this award shall receive:

    Free registration at the Annual Training Seminar for a maximum of two people
    One complimentary hotel room for the length of the Annual Training Seminar
    A plaque or similar commemorative depicting the name of the award, the recipient’s name, date and location of presentment.

The committee considering this award must consist of at least one (1) member who is currently employed by the LoJack Corporation Law Enforcement Division.

The LoJack Corporation shall reimburse the North Central Regional Chapter for the amount of the fees for the hotel, and award. The Chapter Treasurer shall compile and submit all invoices for reimbursement.

This award will be presented at the Banquet of the Annual Training Seminar by a representative of LoJack Corporation.

The chairman of the nominating committee is Barb Rambo.

Past recipients of the LoJack award are:

  Action Task Force (MI)
  Chicago Police Department